Hone’s Everyday Book (page 6/6)

[picture: Autumn]


(page 1282) [more...]


[picture: October]


A barefoot, bare-legged and bare-chested man sits astride a giant scorpion. He holds aloft a branch from a grapevine.

(page 1346)


[picture: November]


A portly man sits astride a bearded centaur. The centaur is wearing a helmet and carrying a spear. The mean wears a monk’s tunic and is mopping his tonsured brow. [more...]


[picture: 5th November: Guy Fawkes]

5th November: Guy Fawkes

Boys carry a stuffed dummy, a straw-stuffed effigy of Guy Fawkes, through a town; the figure is arranged on a chair supported by two poles, a litter. In the background people watch, or raise their hats and cheer. A sign reads “fire works notice” because it is traditional in England, on the 5th of November each year, to light a bonfire, to burn [...] [more...]


[picture: St. Cecilia]

St. Cecilia

A crowned woman with long hair, robes and sandals wears a pendant and sits clutching her chest. A carved music seat in the shape of an eagle holds a score (sheet music). A winged angel plays a portable organ, while another angel or cherub looks on. In the background [...] [more...]


[picture: December]


(page 1543) [more...]


[picture: Winter]


Hoary, and dim, and bare, and shivering
Like a poor almsman comes the aged Year,
With kind “God save you all, good gentlefolks!”
Heap on fresh fuel, make a blazing fire,
Bring out the cup of kindness, spread the board,
and gladden Winter with our cheerfulnes!
Wassail!—To you, and yours, and all!—All health!” (p. 1561) [more...]


[picture: Ancient Representation of the Nativity]

Ancient Representation of the Nativity

A picture for Christmas, taken from the entry for December 24th. [more...]


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