Hone’s Everyday Book (page 4/6)

[picture: Aries]


Aries comes under the entry for the 20th of March: [more...]


[picture: Vernal Equinox]

Vernal Equinox

Perhaps not a very clear illustration of an equinox, but still a pretty woodcut of the Sun’s rays reaching the Earth.


[picture: Palm Sunday Procession]

Palm Sunday Procession

Palm Sunday
This is the first Sunday before Easter, and is sometimes called Passiom Sunday. It is denominated Palm Sunday, because on this day the Roman catholic church ordains boughs or branches of palm trees to be carried in procession, in imitation of those strewed before Christ when he rode into Jerusalem. In this monkish procession the host was carried upon an ass, branches and flowers were strewed on the road, and others were hung up. The palms were consecrated [...]Ash Wednesday in the following year, as before-mentioned (see p. 261) on that day.” (p. 391) [more...]


[picture: April]


April is a youth with curly hair and carrying a garland. He wears a tunic and sandals, with a cape billowing out behind him in the wind, and he rides a bucking bull that is jumping up out of a puddle, reminding us that [in England] April is a season [...] [more...]


[picture: May]


A poem beneath the picture reads as follows: [more...]


[picture: St. John in the Isle of Patmos.]

St. John in the Isle of Patmos.

Saint John the Evangelist is shown writing onto sheets of paper with a large eagle behind him; a staff and pouch are at his side, and he wears animal skins and sandals. He hasa long white beard. [more...]


[picture: Francis Grose, Esq. F.S.A. etc.]

Francis Grose, Esq. F.S.A. etc.

Francis Grose was a well-known historian and lexicographer. There are some scanned images from his Antiquities and also his 1811 dictionary of slang and a short biogrify of Fancis Grose. [more...]


[picture: June]


(page 738) [more...]


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