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[picture: Front Cover, Oxford Pictured by Haslehust, described by How]

Title: Oxford

Author: Haslehust and How

City: London

Date: 1910

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[picture: The word Oxford, with a line illustration of the city]


Line illustration from first page of the book. [$]

[picture: Front Cover, Oxford Pictured by Haslehust, described by How]

Front Cover, Oxford Pictured by Haslehust, described by How

A brownish gray cover with a thick green border around a colour image. This book is part of a series produced from around 1900 until well into the 1950s as far as I can tell. [more...] [$]

[picture: The College Barges and Folly Bridge, Oxford]

The College Barges and Folly Bridge

The River Cherwell; Folly Bridge is in the distance. [$]

[picture: Magdalen College from the River Cherwell]

Magdalen College From the Cherwell

Magdalen Tower, rising 150 feet in exquisite proportion, and standing just where the Cherwell is spanned by the well-known bridge, is in the opinion of many the fairest sight in Oxford. [p. 9] [more...] [$]

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Pictures from Oxford, Pictured by Ernest Haslehust [1866 – 1949] and Described by F. D. How, Blackie & Son Limited, London and Glasgow (undated but probably some time between 1920 and 1935).

There are more pictures of Oxford in Oxford: Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes by Lang.

Ernest William Haslehust died in 1949, so these images will remain copyright until 2020.

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