The Antiquities of England and Wales Vol I (page 3/8)

[picture: Title Page, Antiquities of England and Wales]

Title Page, Antiquities of England and Wales

The Antiquities of England and Wales [more...]


[picture: Coats of Armor (Armour) and medieval (Mediaeval) weapons]

Types of Armour

Explanation of the Plate of Armour [more...]


[picture: Religious Orders]

Religious Orders

A note on page 90 reads: The names of the orders delineated in the annexed plate, follow in the same succession in which the figures stand; beginning with the nun on the left, and reckoning towards the right: the same order is observed with respect to the sitting figures.——A Benedictine nun; a monk of the same order; a Cluniac; a Cistertian and [...]sic); a canon of the Hospital of St John at Coventry; chaplain of the order of St. John of Jerusalem. [more...]


[picture: Machines of War and Castle Diagram]
[picture: Ballista (Balista)]

Ballista (Balista)

A ballista together with darts for the ballista and a winch for bending the ballista. This is taken from Machines of War. [more...]


[picture: Machines of War overview]

Machines of War overview

This is the bottom half of the diagram shown in the Machines of War plate. The individual machines are in separate illustrations here. [more...]


[picture: Moveable Tower with Bridge and Battering Ram.]
[picture: Castle Diagram]

Castle Diagram

Diagram showing the various parts of the battlements of a castle. The text, under the heading References, lists 1. The Barbican, 2. The Ditch of Moat, 3. Wall of the outer Ballium [now called the outer bailey], 4. Outer Ballium [Outer Bailey], 5. Artificial Mount, 6. Wall of the Inner Ballium [inner bailey], [...] [more...]


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