The Antiquities of England and Wales Vol I (page 8/8)

[picture: Reading Abbey Plate 2]

Reading Abbey Plate 2

“This plate shews the south view of the remains of this once magnificent abbey, majestic even in its ruins!” (p. 17) [more...]


[picture: Penrith Castle, Cumberland, Wales]

Penrith Castle, Cumberland

Published 3rd April 1784 by S. Hooper; Signed T. Pye.


[picture: Restormel Castle, Cornwall]

Restormel Castle, Cornwall

Restormel castle (also spelt Restormil or Raistormel) was started in about AD 1100. [more...]


[picture: The New or Water Tower, Chester]

The New or Water Tower, Chester

Published Novr. 7, 1783, by S. Hooper. Sparrow sculp.. The battlements were added in the 1640s during the Civil War, when Chester was besieged. There’s more about this at [more...]


[picture: Carlisle Castle, Cumberland]
[picture: The map of Cornwall]

The map of Cornwall

Old map of Cornwall, 18th Century.


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