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Title Page, Antiquities of England and Wales

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The Antiquities of England and Wales

By Francis Grose, Esq. F.A.S.

Vol. I. New Edition.

[picture of a tomb in a ruined castle or abbey]

London Printed for S. Hooper, No. 212, High-Holburn, facing Southampton Street, Bloomsbury-Square.

There is a clear and distinct impression of the plate, showing that the entire page was a single engraving, including the lettering. The depression is approximately 137x217mm in size. The poem under the oval picture reads as follows:

—I doe love these auncient ruynes;
We never treat upon them but we set
Out foote upon some Reverend History:
And questionless here in this open Court

(Which now lies naked to the injuries
Of stormy weather) some men lye enterred,
Loved the Church so well, & gave so largely to’t

They thought it should have canopide their bones
Till Dombesday; but all things have their end;
Churches & Cities (which have diseases like to men)
Must have like Death that we have.

Webster’s Dutchess od Malfey.

The image is signed Grim del. (possibly for delineated, i.e. drawn) and Sparrow, Sc. for Scuplted or engraved.



165 x 250mm (6.5 x 9.8 inches)

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1200 dots per inch



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