A Short History of the English People (page 3/3)

[picture: Interior of S. Sepulchre Church, Cambridge.]
[picture: Arches of Cloister of S. Aubin's Abbey, Angers]

Arches of Cloister of S. Aubin’s Abbey, Angers

The Abbey of S. Aubin, founded in Merovingian times, seems to have been rebuilt by Geoffrey Greygown and Fulk the Black. “Only one huge tower remains, but fragments of it are still to be seen embedded in the buildings of the PreĆ©fecture—above all a Romanesque arcade, fretted with tangled imagery and apocalyptic figures of the richest work of the [...] [more...]


[picture: Durtal, Anjou.]

Durtal, Anjou.

A street leading to a small town of stone buildings including a castle and a church. There seemed to be some plate wash in this engraving and i’ve retained [...] [more...]


[picture: The Virgin and Child]

The Virgin and Child

From MS. Roy. 2 A. XXII. 13th Century. [more...]


[picture: Lady and Youth Playing Draughts,]

Lady and Youth Playing Draughts,

A lady and a young man playing “draughts” from an early fourteenth century manuscript (MS. Roy. 2 B. vii). [more...]


[picture: John Wyclif]

John Wyclif

“John Wyclif (portrait at Knole)” [more...]


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