Pantographia (page 4/6)

[picture: Page 34: Chaldean]
[picture: Page 35: Chaldean (English description)]
[picture: Page 36: Chaldean]
[picture: Page 37: Chaldean (English description)]
[picture: Page 38: Chaldean]

Page 38: Chaldean

(1) Chaldean 10. [more...] [$]

[picture: Page 39: Chaldean (English description)]
[picture: Page 40: Chaldean; Charlemagne]
[picture: Page 41: Chaldean; Charlemagne (English description)]
[picture: Page 42: Charlemagne]
[picture: Page 43: Charlemagne; Chiense (English description)]
[picture: Page 44: Chinese; Coptic]
[picture: Page 45: Chinese; Coptic (English description)]

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