Pantographia (page 5/6)

[picture: Page 45: Chinese; Coptic (English description)]
[picture: Page 46: Coptic]
[picture: Page 47: Coptic (English description)]
[picture: Page 48: Cornish; Croatian; Dalmation]
[picture: Page 49: Cornish; Croatian; Dalmation (English description)]
[picture: Page 50: Dalmation; Danish; Domesday]
[picture: Page 51: Dalmation; Danish; Domesday (English description)]
[picture: Page 54: Egyptian 1; Egyptian 2; Egyptian 3]
[picture: Page 55: Egyptian (English description)]
[picture: Page 56: Egyptian 4; Egyptian 5; Egyptian 6]
[picture: Page 57: Egyptian (English descriptions)]
[picture: Page 58: Egyptian 7; Egyptian 8 (Hieroglyphics); New England.]

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