Pantographia (page 2/6)

[picture: Front Cover, Fry's Pantographia]

Front Cover, Fry’s Pantographia

This unpreposessing volume contains the most fabulous examples of alphabets made with eighteenth century fonts and engravings.


[picture: Page 4: Arabic: Kufic, Molach (modern) alphabet]
[picture: Page 5: Arabic: english description]
[picture: Page 8: Arabic (African); Lord's Prayer in Arabic; Armenian]
[picture: Page 9: Arabic (African); Lord's Prayer in Arabic; Armenian (English description)]
[picture: Page 10: Armenian]
[picture: Page 11: Armenian (English Description)]
[picture: Page 12: Armenian]

Page 12: Armenian

“Armenian 5
These letters are termed blooming or flowery, and are used in titles of books, and as two-line letters in the beginnings of chapters. They represent flowers, and the figures of [...]Lapidaire, No. 2. [more...]


[picture: Armenian Figure Alphabet from p. 12]
[picture: Page 13: Armenian (English Description)]
[picture: Page 16: Atooi]

Page 16: Atooi

“Atooi is one of the Sandwich Islands in the South Seas, discovered by Captain Cook”


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