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[picture: Front Cover, El Mundo Ilustrado]

Front Cover, El Mundo Ilustrado

This magazine was originally sold in fortnightly issues, with 26 of them (I think) bound into one volume; the copy I have lost its covers before I bought it (which is why I could afford it!) so what you see in this picture is the first page of the first 32-page issue of the volume, [...] [more...]


[picture: Tales of Perrault: Little Thumb]

Tales of Perrault: Little Thumb

Little Thumb got up very early and went to the edge of a stream; he filled his pockets with little white pebbles. [more...]


[picture: A Boy]

A Boy

A smiling boy, wearing somewhat tarrered clothing and barefoot, stands holding perhaps turnips in one hand and with the other a sack over his shoulder. The clothes look warm enough for early Autumn, and [...] [more...]


[picture: September]


This full-page illustration shows, in the middle but at some distance, two women picking grapes, surrounded by a circular grapevine and a large Grecian urn. Above them are birds on the wing. In the foreground a barefoot youth, perhaps an older teen or a young man, is offering a bunch of grapes to a smaller child, also barefoot and facing away from us. [...] [more...]


[picture: Hop-o-My-Thumb: The miniature children arrived at the house]

Hop-o-My-Thumb: The miniature children arrived at the house

Cuentos de Perrault.—caga-chitas: Llegaron á una casa de donde la luz salia, Hamaron á la puerta, y una buena mujer que vino á abrirles... [more...]


[picture: Little people at the door---wallpaper]

Little people at the door—wallpaper

This is a detail from little people at the door to the house in the forest, showing the children at an old stone house in a clearing in a scary ancient forest. [more...]


[picture: Basilica St. Anthony,  Padua]

Basilica St. Anthony, Padua

The early fourteenth-century cathedral of Saint Anthony in Padua, drawn I think form the South-East.


[picture: Quinta Giustiniani en Pádua]

Quinta Giustiniani en Pádua

The caption, Quinta Giustiniani en Pádua, means Giustiniani farmhouse in Padua; the Giustiniani family were originally in Venice; Padua is some forty kilometres (25 miles) from Venice. [more...]


[picture: Fraile mendicante, en Venecia.]

Fraile mendicante, en Venecia.

A mendicant friar begging on the streets of Venice. The illustration accompanies an article about Venice. In it, we see a long narrow street, less than six feet wide, paved with flagstones. The buildings are a little run-down, with bricks visible in places beneath the plaster; in the foreground a man stands wearing a monk’s habit and sandals; in his [...] [more...]


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