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Music.—A Man at the Spinet.

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From “Good Words [magazine].” By J. M. Lawless.

A man in eighteenth-century costume sits at the spinet (a sort of early piano) and plays from sheet music.

Among our many truly gifted young artists who came under our notice at this period was J. M. Lawless. His drawings were of such a refined character that he at once took a place amongst the distinguished men of our time. He exhibited some few pictures at the Royal Academy which brought him prominently before the public; one of these, “A Midnight Mass,” another, “A Sick Call”—a poor woman has been to fetch a priest, who, with his acolytes, is being rowed across a river; the woman’s deep grief, and the solemnity of the entire scene, gives a touch of pathos to the group, and suggests it being a case in extremis. From “A Man at the Spinet,” which we give, he painted a sweet water colour. Lawless was regarded as a “coming man,” but, alas! like others of that “golden period” of Illustrative Art he passed away at quite an early age. (p. 236)


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