Ten-piece floral border, green and purpledetails

[Picture: Ten-piece floral border, green and purple]

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Ten-piece floral border, green and purple

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This is a dainty border, so I have coloured it with pastels. I can supply it also in the original black and white, or as a GIMP XCF file with the two different colours on separate layers if you want to change the colours.

This border was originally made from ten different designes of type, repeated and arranged. I also have scans of the individual pieces.

The small wheel (at the top centre for example) marks the division: each piece of type on either side has one half of the wheel. There’s very narrow one piece visible half-way down the sides that has half of a wheel, then ome leaves, then another half-wheel. The corner pieces had a half-wheel where they meet the other pieces of type and a single wheel in the corner that’s all theirs; they are the only pieces with a whole wheel. You could remove one more pieces from the middle of one wheel to the middle of the next to change the aspect ratio of the border, for example for different paper sizes.


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