Spécimen général de la Fonderie Amsterdam (page 2/2)

[picture: Ten-piece floral border, green and purple]

Ten-piece floral border, green and purple

This is a dainty border, so I have coloured it with pastels. I can supply it also in the original black and white, or as a GIMP XCF file with the two different colours on [...] [more...]


[picture: Wide border with roses and leaves]

Wide border with roses and leaves

This full-page border is wider at the bottom, giving a solid, balanced feel to the page. It includes roses and leaves, or I think they are roses at least. There’s an Art Deco feel to this border. [more...]


[picture: Lines and Leaves Page Border]

Lines and Leaves Page Border

This is a demonstration of how to use a repeating leaf ornament to make a border by combining it with metal rules (to draw straignt lines) and with what I take to be mushrooms in the corners. [more...]


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