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sketches: roughly-drawn illustrations.

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Detail from title page
Frontispiece: Jester and Monk
Page detail: Art Neuveau border
Page 5.  The scent of the cherry-blossoms
II.—Brasenose College Quadrangle and St. Mary’s Spire
I. Aetna over Taormina
The Well of Knowledge
Tonbridge, Kent
115.—Rome—A fragment after Piranesi.
Biddenden, Kent
HRH The Prince of Wales
Cranbrook, Kent
III.—View in Radcliffe Square
Folly Bridge
Winged Mermaid from p. 199 recto
II. The Theatre, Segesta
The Castle. Vève-Celles.
Awaiting the postman on Saint Valentine’s Day
IV.—Sheldonian Theatre, etc., Broad Street
245 [detail].—Hand-drawn Victorian/rococo frame
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