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machinery: Things with gears or levers or parts that move.

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6.—Martyrs bound to the circumference of a great wheel, and rolled down a precipice
7.—Fastened to a wheel, which is revolved over iron spikes
8.—Detail: Printing Page Woodcut
8.—Revolved over a blazing fire
Figs. 15 and 16.—Showing Siemens’ Alternate Current Dynamo, with its Excitor.
Fig. 17.—Showing Old Type of Gramme Continuous Current Dynamo.
Fig. 27.—Switchboard.
Copper-plate, or Rolling-Press.
Lord Stanhope’s Printing Press
J. Z. A. Wagner’s Brick-Moulding Machine
Vertical Steam Engine—For Manufacturing Purposes.
Fig. 69.—Showing Internal View of Tumbler Switch.
A Calculating Machine
Side Lever Engine
Fig. 95.—Showing Edison-Swan Ampère Meter.
21.—Armillary Sphere
Armillary Sphere, Scanned Version
Old Advert: The Sun Typewriter
Antique typewriter
Spinning Jenny
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