8.—Revolved over a blazing firedetails

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8.—Revolved over a blazing fire

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A. Martyr bound naked to a wheel, which is revolved over iron spikes.

B. Bound to the circumference of a wheel, which is revolved over a fire kindles underneath.

This time it’s naked men who are tortured.

There were, moreover, for the massacring of Christians certain other broad wheels in use among the Heathen, whereof the circumference, to which the Martyrs were bound, was provided with blades and sharp nails and the like. To these wheels, therefore, which hung stationary in the air, the ministers of iniquity would bind the naked bodies of the Martyrs with cords. Then revolving them along with the wheels again and again with all their might over iron spikes fixed in the earth for piercing and cutting, they caused the flesh of the sufferers thus punished to be torn and mangled in a dreadful fashion. On such a torture wheel we do suppose that Blessed Virgin of Jesus Christ, St. Catherine, to have won the Crown of Martyrdom, as her acts do partly make manifest.” (p. 28)


“Wherefore, in just the same fashion as joints on the spit and set to the fire to be roasted and cooked, so were these [Martyrs] turned about and roasted, that they might become fine bread of Jesus Christ.” (p. 32)



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