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animals: items depicting or describing creatures, whether wild or tame. The animals must be clearly depicted but need not be the main focus of an image or text.

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Knight and Hermit
Decorative initial letter T with cherubs hanging a wolf
Frontispiece: The Horses of San Marco, Looking North.
Title Page Image (detail)
Frontispiece: A Dream: Tertiary Man.
Frontispiece: View Near Selborne
A Dream: Tertiary man (Ultra HD TV version)
View of Selborne, Detail for use as Desktop Wallpaper
Fox and Goose Decoateive Element
Bona Dea - The Earth
The black kitten with a ball of twine
Skull and one side of mandible of Musk Rat.
Decorative initial letter B
37.—Kit’s Coty House.
’Possum hiding in palmetto, where he has been chased by a dog
41.—Constantine Tolman, Cornwall
43.—Harold’s Stones, Trelech, Monmouthshire
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