Die Bücher-Ornamentik Der Renaissance (Vol. I.) (page 1/5)

[picture: Book cover, Ornamentik Der Renaissance (Vol. I.)]

Title: Die Bücher-Ornamentik Der Renaissance (Vol. I.)

Author: Butsch, A. F.

Published by: Verlag von G. Hirth

City: Leipzig

Date: 1878

Total items: 40

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[picture: Chapter head: cherubs playing games]
[picture: 62m.---Initial capital letter ``M'' from Dance of Death Alphabet.]
[picture: Plate 62, Dance of Death Alphabet (overview)]
[picture: 62b.---Initial capital letter ``B'' from Dance of Death Alphabet]
[picture: Ornate border from 1878 Title Page (green/brown version)]

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Engravings from “Die Bücher-Ornamentik Der Renaissance” (Book-Ornament of the Renaissance) by A. F. Butsch, Leipzig, 1878. Alfred Butsch was a famous bookseller and a collecter of antiquarian books; the engraved plates in the book reproduce illustrations from early printed books.

I bought my copy of this book (actually Volume II hasn’t arrive yet!) from a bookseller in Germany; there is also a fac simile by Dover, but the reproduction is not of the highest quality, so these images are better, if very incomplete.

I also have Volume II.

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