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Jost Ammon’s Printer’s Mark

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Unten: Jost Amman’s Marke für Sigmund Feyrabend [Feyerabend] in seiner Gesellschaft mit Weigand Hanund George Rab. Eines der frühesten und geistreichsten Signete des Meisters. In Originalgrösse. (p. 50)

Google translates the caption as: Jost Amman’s trade mark for Sigmund Feyrabend [Feyerabend] in his company with Weigand Hanund George Rab. One of the earliest and most ingenious Logos of the master. In the original size.

A barefoot angel dances on top of an urn or fountain, blowing twin pipes or trumpets. On either side of the angel, cherubs bear laurel wreaths. Below, an eagle and a cockerel.

I made separate images of the left-hand cherub, facing to the right;
the right-hand cherub, facing to the left;
the eagle,
the rooster or cockerel,
and the trumpeting angel-woman.

The various symbols on this piece presumably have alchemical significance.

I also have Volume I.



135 x 82mm (5.3 x 3.2 inches)

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1200 dots per inch



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