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The Boy was the Joy of the Journey

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The Boy was the joy of the journey. His keen interest in all things seen and heard was like a refreshing spring of water to the older pilgrims, who had so often traveled the same road that they had forgotten that it might be new every morning. His unwearying vigor and pure gladness as he leaped down the hillsides, or scrambled among the rocks far above the path, or roamed through the fields filling his hands with flowers, was like a merry song that cheered the long miles of the way. he was glad to be alive, and it made the others glad to look at him.” (p. 4)

The boy (a youthful Jesus) here has bare legs and bare feet. He holds his right arm up with some flowers in it that he has picked. There are birds in the distance, and perhaps it is grassy amongst the rocks.



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