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Come, Live with Us, for I Think Thou art chosen

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Enoch the Essene speaks to Jesus...

“We alone are serving the kingdom. Come, live with us, for I think thou art chosen.”

The Boy thought for a while before he answered. “Some of it is good, my master,” he said, “but the rest of it is far away from my thoughts. Is there nothing for a man to do in the world but to think of himself—eitehr in feasting or uncleanness as the heathen do, or in fasting and purifying yourself as you do? How can you serve the kingdom if you turn away from the people? They do not see you or hear you. You are separate from them—just as f you were dead without dying. Yuo can do nothing for them. No, I do not want to come with you and live at Engedi. I think my Father will show me something better to do.” (pp. 37 – 38)

Both the Essene and the boy Jesus are barefoot; the man has a long beard and a walking stick. Again, it is not clear that Wyeth used Palestinian Jews as his models for these paintings.



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