The Natural History of Selborne (page 2/3)

[picture: Front Cover, Gilbert White's Selbourne]

Front Cover, Gilbert White’s Selbourne

Light brown with green florets, and “Natural History of Selbourne” in blakc on a gold foil background.


[picture: Frontispiece: View Near Selborne]

Frontispiece: View Near Selborne

View looking, I imagine, towards the distant Church in the village of Selborne. There are deer in the foreground, under the shade of a large tree. [more...]


[picture: View of Selborne, Detail for use as Desktop Wallpaper]

View of Selborne, Detail for use as Desktop Wallpaper

A detail taken from the Frontispiece showing the deer under the tree, with ducks swimming on a pond in the background. [more...]


[picture: Title Page (Natural History of Selborne)]

Title Page (Natural History of Selborne)

The title page of the 1879 edition is as follows: [more...]


[picture: Beech.]


“The high part of the south-west consists of a vast hill of chalkk rising three hundred feet above the village, and is divided into a sheep-down, the high wood and a long hanging wood, called The [...]beech, the most lovely of all forest trees, whether we consider its smooth rind or bark, its glossy foliage, or graceful pendulous boughs.” (p. 3) [more...]


[picture: Wych Elm.]

Wych Elm.

“In the court of Norton farmhouse, a manor farm to the north-west of the village [of Selborne], on the white malms, stood within these twenty years a broad-leaved elm, or wych hazel, ulmus folio latissimo scabro of Ray, which, though it had lost a considerable leading bough in the great storm in the year 1703, equal to a moderate tree, yet, when felled, contained eight loads of lumber; and being too bulky for a carriage, was sawn off at seven feet above the butt, where it measured near eight feet in the diameter. This elm I mention to show to what a bulk planted elms may attain; as this tree must [...] [more...]


[picture: Partridges.]


“Partridges in vast plenty are bred in good seasons on the verge of this forest [the forest of Wolmer, mostly in the parish of Selborne], into which they love to make excursions; and in particular, in the dry summers of 1740 and 1741, and some years after, they swarmed to such a degree that parties of unreasonable sportsmen killed twenty [...] [more...]


[picture: Partridge Wallpaper]

Partridge Wallpaper

A desktop background (wallpaper image) picture; it’s a version of the Partridges engraving with most of the background removed. [more...]


[picture: The Black Grouse]

The Black Grouse

The Black Grouse. This bird is now [2006] close to extinciton in the United Kingdom. [more...]


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