The Natural History of Selborne (page 3/3)

[picture: The Osprey (Pandion)]

The Osprey (Pandion)

The osprey in this wood-engraving has a large fish held very firmly in its claws, although the bird appears to be perched on a rock by the lake, not on the handle of a plough as in the text. [more...]


[picture: The Barn Owl (<i>Strix flammea</i>)]

The Barn Owl (Strix flammea)

The barn owl, or white owl. [more...]


[picture: The Brown Owl (Syrnium Aluco).]

The Brown Owl (Syrnium Aluco).

“When brown owls hoot their throats swell as big as a hen’s egg. I have known an owl of this species live a full year without any water. Perhaps the case may be the same with all birds of prey. When owls fly they stretch out their legs behind them as a balance to their large heavy heads, for as most nocturnal birds have large eyes and ears they must [...] [more...]


[picture: The Raven (Corvus Corax)]

The Raven (Corvus Corax)

There is a peculiarity belonging to ravens tht must draw the attention even of the most incurious—they spend all their leisure time in striking and cuffing each other on the wing in a kind of playful skirmish; and, when they move from one place to another, frequently turn on their backs with a loud croak, and seem to be falling ot the ground. When [...] [more...]


[picture: bird, a magpie]

The Magpie

Magpies and jays flutter with powerless wings, and make no dispatch; herons seem incumbered with too much sail for their light bodies; but these vast hollow wings are necessary in carrying burdens, such as large fishes, and the like; pigeons, and particularly the sort called smiters, have a way of clashing their wings the one against the other over [...] [more...]


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