The Natural History of Selborne (page 1/3)

[picture: Front Cover, Gilbert White's Selbourne]

Pictures from The Natural History of Selborne by The Rev. Gilbert White (1788). See the title page for more information about the book.

There is also an entry in the Nuttall Encyclopædia for Gilbert White.

Title: The Natural History of Selborne

Author: White, The Rev. Gilbert

Published by: Frederick Warne & Co.

City: London

Date: 1879

Total items: 14

Out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

Some sample images

[picture: Frontispiece: View Near Selborne]

Frontispiece: View Near Selborne

View looking, I imagine, towards the distant Church in the village of Selborne. There are deer in the foreground, under the shade of a large tree. [more...]


[picture: The Osprey (Pandion)]

The Osprey (Pandion)

The osprey in this wood-engraving has a large fish held very firmly in its claws, although the bird appears to be perched on a rock by the lake, not on the handle of a plough as in the text. [more...]


[picture: Title Page (Natural History of Selborne)]

Title Page (Natural History of Selborne)

The title page of the 1879 edition is as follows: [more...]


[picture: Partridges.]


“Partridges in vast plenty are bred in good seasons on the verge of this forest [the forest of Wolmer, mostly in the parish of Selborne], into