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Heraldic Crest and Symbols of Art

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This heraldic crest is from the title page to Volume IV of the huge book. If you are able to give a formal description of this image I’d love to hear from you; informally, it shows an armorial bearing of a head (probably Zephyr, the West Wind) blowing a flower, surmounted by three stars. The shield is mounted on a shell, and has myrtle branches (or mistletoe?) to eithe side, and two keys above it, with on the very top a helmet or lidded urn. To the left are signs for the sciences, such as a map, an astrological chart with a face in the middle, books (one perhaps this book), a set square and ruler from architecture, and maybe Pythagoras, together with a bag of gold coins showing commerce. To the right a stele showing a centaur whose naked rider is being shot at close range by a naked man with a machine gun, while in the background (far right) two naked children carry away the fork, th spoon and the hot coffee cup. To the front we have s cornucopia and an artist’s palette.


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