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[picture: The Queen and the Cat]

The Queen and the Cat

“I will be mother to every one of you [cats],” said the Baroness; “my heart is big enough to hold you all. Kiss me my dear children, all of you. I will love you all, have no fear. [...]” [more...]


[picture: A walk in a romantic dream]

A walk in a romantic dream

A finely-dressed lady and a prince, a young man, walk together through the grass. The prince carries a rose: clearly they are in love. In the background, a [...] [more...]


[picture: Spring hedge-border corner image with love-birds]

Spring hedge-border corner image with love-birds

A Valentine’s Day image from 1888; this border was in the upper-left of a page of poetry for Valentine’s Day, and features leaves and berries and two romantic little song-birds. [more...]


[picture: Boy Fairy Resting on a Flower]

Boy Fairy Resting on a Flower

An end-of-chapter tailpiece showing a small nude boy laying on a sunflower, and holding a daisy in one hand; his feet rest on another daisy. I think he is meant to be a [...] [more...]


[picture: Artistic Cats]

Artistic Cats

Three groups of cats are in this engraving. THe left-most pair are wearing human clothing and standing upright. In the centre, one cat is dressed as an artist, and is using a paintbrush and pallette, painting the stripes onto the other cat. The right-most cat is admiring itself in the mirror. One could read this as a story: the cat on the left being [...] [more...]


[picture: Atalanta Scholarship and Reading Union]

Atalanta Scholarship and Reading Union

This chapter head illustration features a central shield in a scrollwork cartouche bearing the title. On the left a woman gives succor to a youth or maid in distress, a scene in a rainstorm in a forest; on the right in the same forest an older woman sits with apples in her lap and a knife to pare or peel them in her hand; she gives the fruit to three [...]Qui serat scientam fructus juis capiet (those who sow knowledge capture its fruit) [more...]


[picture: A Fair Reader]

A Fair Reader

A Fair Reader—perhaps a somewhat sexist caption by today’s standards! A lady, presumably fair or beautiful, is sitting at a desk holding an open book, reading; other books lie on the desk in [...] [more...]


[picture: Tottering Under the Weight of Knowledge]

Tottering Under the Weight of Knowledge

An unidentified elderly gentleman carries a large stack of heavy books; he holds the top one in place with his nose as he shuffles forward. [more...]


[picture: Reaching After Knowledge]

Reaching After Knowledge

A well-dressed lady, complete with bonnet, climbs a step-ladder to reach down a book. [more...]


[picture: Hark! the sea is crying to me in pain!]

Hark! the sea is crying to me in pain!

Thus the two lived on, each for the other, in one long summertime, lit by their great love. The nights grew long; day after day the sea fought fiercely with the cruel winds that broke its rest. and the frost grew keen, yet [...] [more...]


[picture: Cherub wth harvest fruit]

Cherub wth harvest fruit

This engraving looks as if it’s of a stone carving; it depicts a cherub, (a sort of putti), together with flowers, vines and fruits; apples, pears, grapes and more; perhaps [...] [more...]


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