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Images and extracts from “Atalanta” Magazine collected edition October 1888 to September 1889. This was the first edition, I think, that used colour. The magazine was edited by L. T. Meade and John C. Staples. Most of the items are now out of copyright, and those are the ones (as far as I can tell) that I have selected.

Title: Atalanta Magazine

Author: Various

Published by: Hatchard's

City: London

Date: 1888

Total items: 12

Out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

Some sample images

[picture: Artistic Cats]

Artistic Cats

Three groups of cats are in this engraving. THe left-most pair are wearing human clothing and standing upright. In the centre, one cat is dressed as an artist, and is using a paintbrush and pallette, painting the stripes onto the other cat. The right-most cat is admiring itself in the mirror. One could read this as a story: the cat on the left being [...] [more...]


[picture: A walk in a romantic dream]

A walk in a romantic dream

A finely-dressed lady and a prince, a young man, walk together through the grass. The prince carries a rose: clearly they are in love. In the background, a [...] [more...]


[picture: The Queen and the Cat]

The Queen and the Cat

“I will be mother to every one of you [cats],” said the