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Spring hedge-border corner image with love-birds

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A Valentine’s Day image from 1888; this border was in the upper-left of a page of poetry for Valentine’s Day, and features leaves and berries and two romantic little song-birds.

The signature is unclear but probably belongs to M. Ellen Edwards.

Mary Ellen’s career as one of the 19th century’s most prolific and successful female illustrators began in 1863 when Mary Ellen with illustrations for three different magazines concurrently during the 1860s: ‘London Society’ where she joined her uncle Edward Johnson and her sister Kate on the staff of illustrators; ‘The Churchman’s Magazine’, also illustrated by her uncle Edward in the same year; and ‘Belgravia’. [meadows]

Although Mary Ellen Edwards edited “Atalanta” magazine, and her art was heavily featured, she usually signed herself MEE, so I am uncertain.

Said the moth to the star,

When the year was in spring,

“How lovely you re

Oh, splendiferous thing!

I spread my broad wing

On the breast of the night

And I wheel in a ring

Of the rays of thy light.

Do you mark my soft flight?

Do you see how I pine?

Ah! come down from your height,



Sighed the page in his heart

As he lifted her train,

“Oh, fair that thou art,

    Is this fire in vain?

Does no thrill of love-pain

Tingle wift through the space

Where apart we remain?

Ah! stoop from they place,

Turn the glow of thy face

One moment on mine,

Thrill my soul with they grace,


Blue Jay. (p. 357)


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