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What is bred in the Bone will never be out of the Flesh; One Bird in the Hand is worth two in the Bush; A Cat may look upon a king.
After sweet Meat comes sour Sauce; [woodcut of stout man, seated, with bandaged foot]
Fat Paunches make Lean Pates.
Proferred Service stinks;  The Receiver is as bad as the Thief;  Reckon not your Chickens before they are hatched.
I talk of Chalk and you of Cheese; Charity begins at Home; Cut your Coat according to your Cloth;  What can’t be cur’d must be endur’d.
Nothing venture, nothing have; Virtue which parleys is near a Surrender.
Save a Thief from Hanging, and he’ll cut your Throat; Jack will never make a Gentleman.
The Traceys have always the Wind in their Faces; To cut large Thongs out of another Man’s Leather; Too much of one Thing is good for nothing
As sure as God’s in Gloucestershire;  Every Man thinks his own Geese Swans.
Well begun is half ended;  All is well that ends well.
One Man had better steal a Horse than another look over the Hedge;  [woodcut: highayman with hat and cape leads a horse]
He who has a mind to beat a Dog will easily find a Stick; Naught is never in Danger; Faint Heart never won fair Lady.
Hungry Dogs will eat dirty Pudding;  He that would live at Peace and Rest, Must hear and see, and say the Best.
Harm watch, Harm catch; It is a good Horse that never stumbles.
Little Pitchers have great Ears;  Many talk of Robin Hood who never shot in his Bow.
Sue a Beggar and catch a Louse; Many Hands make Light Work; [woodcut: well-dressed man scratches his head standing near a beggar with outstretched hat]
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Better play at small Game than stand out;  Give him a Rowland for his Oliver.
Many Words will not fill a Bushel;  The younger Brother the better Gentleman.
Fast bind, fast find;  Like Father like Son.
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