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scholars: students; wise people; professors.

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Frontispiece: When He Comes He will Rule over the Whole World
Title page detail: Scholarly King
37.—Writing My Master’s Words
37.—Writing My Master’s Words (detail)
Untitled image, Mediaeval tower
Initial Capital Letter “A” With Scholars
Painted miniature: a writer, with a castle in the background
Miniature painting of a scribe writing at a desk
Evangelist with lion
The late Philip Bailey in his study at the Rope Walk, Nottingham
62m.—Initial capital letter “M” from Dance of Death Alphabet.
Helpless Pieces of the Game he Plays
1140.—Library Chair, Reading Table, and Reading Desk (Royal MS. 15D iii.)
1146.—Chair (Royal M.S. 14 E, iii.)
Writing Desk
Étude a la Plume
The Book of the Law Found.—2 Kings 22 : 10, 11.
Moses Views the Promised Land
The WIzard of Oz
Jesus teaching in the Temple
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