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189.—Arms and Costume of a Saxon Military Chief.
190.—Arms and Costume of an Anglo-Saxon King and Armour Bearer.
193.—Costume of a Soldier.  From Cotton MS. Tib. C. 6.
194.—Ringed Mail. Cotton MS. Claud. B, 4.
209.—Tower of Earl’s Barton Church
227.—Saxon Emblems of the Month of January.
228.—Saxon Emblems of the Month of February.
229.—Residence of a Saxon Nobleman.
230.—Hawking.  From Cotton MS.
232.—Copper Syca.
233.—Silver Coin.
234.—Silver Penny of Offa, King of Mercia.
235.—Silver Penny of Regnald, King of Northumbria
236.—Saxon Emblems of the Month of March
237.—Saxon Emblems of the Month of April.
239.—Convivial Party. Harleian MS. No. 603.
240.—Chairs.  From Harleian MS. No. 603.
241.—Silver Penny of Eadgar, King of England
283.—Royal Costume, and the Harness and Equipment of Horses.  (Cotton M.S.)
284.—The Harp, Accompanied by Other Instruments (cotton MS.).
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