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Sculpture: Muse of Poetry
Muse of Poetry, Unlabeled
A Boyar Wedding Feast
Study by Rubens
Boss, Nave, Lincoln
Saint with book
My Dearest Child (My Love)
The God and the Reed
Ornate Victorian border or frame
The Dancing Dolls
104. Dutch Ceramic Tiles
Bayeux from the Meadows
130.—Palazzo Sanudo
Charles-Quint Triomphant
1385.—The Dance in the ‘Garden of Pleasure:’ from the ‘Roman de la Rose.’—(Harl. MS. 4425.)
La Peinture
Chapel of San Lorenzo at S. Benedict’s, Subiaco
The Colosseum in a Storm
Summer Evening
1800.—Tric-trac, by Teniers.
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