The Mansions of England in the Olden Time (page 2/2)

[picture: Front Cover, Nash, Mansions of England]

Front Cover, Nash, Mansions of England

The copy i have of this book has been covered in plain brown paper with a title written by hand in pencil.


[picture: Title Page, Mansions of England]

Title Page, Mansions of England



[picture: Aldermaston, Berkshire]

Aldermaston, Berkshire

Aldermaston Court, the manor house in Aldermaston Park, was largely destroyed by fire just a few years after Joseph Nash painted this picture. Today (2020) the Victorian replacement manor is for sale. [more...]


[picture: Brereton, Cheshire]

Brereton, Cheshire

Brereton Hall was built in 1586 and is a Grade I listed building. It is a private home today. The foundation stone was said to have been laid by Queen Elizabeth I, although there was a manor house at this location as far bask as the twelfth century, owned by the same [...] [more...]


[picture: Cranbourne House, Dorset]

Cranbourne House, Dorset

Cranborne Manor dates back to the start of the Thirteenth Century, but was rebuilt in the 1600s. It belongs to the Marquess of Salisbury, and is traditionaly occupied by the [...] [more...]


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