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[Picture: The Meeting of Mireya and Andresillo]

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The Meeting of Mireya and Andresillo

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Encuentro de Mireya y Andresillo

Mireya (Mirèio) stands leaning back against an old stone well, the bucket on its rope behind her; the boy Andresillo, with his unbuttoned shirt, sits on the ground beside her.

In the original the boy’s name is Andreloun, I think. I found this in a translation:

The well was old, with ivy overrun,—

A watering-place for flocks; and from the sun

Scarce by it sheltered sat a little boy,

With basket-full of small white snails for toy.

With his brown hands, he one by one withdrew them,

The tiny harvest-snails; and then sang to them,—

“Snaily, snaily, little nun,

Come out of the cell, come int the sun!

Show me your horns without delay,

Or I’ll tear your convent-walls away.”

(p. 161 in the English translation)

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