Old English Country Cottages (page 3/4)

[picture: Crawley, Sussex]

Crawley, Sussex

This old farmhouse or cottage has tile siding on the walls.


[picture: North Chapel, Sussex]

North Chapel, Sussex

The front porch of a house with tile on the walls, leaded window-panes in casement windows, an arched doorway, and a stone above the door engraved “W. Y. 1687”—I couldn’t find any reference to this building on the Web, neither under North Chapel nor under [...] [more...]


[picture: Haslemere, Surrey]

Haslemere, Surrey

A young woman stands at the gate to an English cottage garden. She holds a child in her arms, and she wears a long dress and a somewhat soiled apron. The gate is set in a thick hedge, but we can see sunflowers, creeper, and perhaps marigolds and other flowers, and behind her we seee her house, with its old-fashioned casement windows open wide, with [...] [more...]


[picture: Chiddingfold, Surrey]

Chiddingfold, Surrey

A cottage in Chiddingfold, Surrey (in the South of England), showing the use of tile to cover the upper storey’s walls and the chimney. It is signed by Sidney Jones and dated 1906. [more...]


[picture: Guildford Castle, Surrey]

Guildford Castle, Surrey

the entrance to Guildford castle, Surrey [more...]


[picture: Steep, Hampshire]

Steep, Hampshire

From a water-colour drawing by Walter Tyndale. [more...]


[picture: Restoration of Old Cottage at Steep Petersfield]

Restoration of Old Cottage at Steep Petersfield

STEEP, HAMPSHIRE. From a water-colour drawing by Walter Tyndale. [more...]


[picture: Antique Meat Jack]

Antique Meat Jack

A meat jack was a device used for hanging meat in front of a fire to roast. The meat had to be turned frequently so that it cooked evenly; a meat jack was a device for doing that. Some were clockwork; I suspect this one had chains hanging over the toothed discs near the wall, with pendulum weights rather like a grandfather clocks, and you turned the [...] [more...]


[picture: Pestle and Mortar in Bronze]

Pestle and Mortar in Bronze

Detail from Fig. 42, showing a drawing of an antique metal pestle and mortar. [more...]


[picture: Wrought Iron Firedog]

Wrought Iron Firedog

A fire dog used to hold logs, or more likely one of a pair used to support a grid for holding toast or other food over the fire. [more...]


[picture: Wooden Coffee Mill]

Wooden Coffee Mill

Detail from Fig. 42, [more...]


[picture: ivy-covered crubling stone sundial]

ivy-covered crubling stone sundial

This little woodcut of a pillar with a sundial (you can see the gnomon) covered with ivy and leaning to one side was used as a tail-piece at the end of a chapter. Tempus Fugit. [more...]


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