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Wooden Coffee Mill

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Detail from Fig. 42,

The metalwork in these counties is of exceptionally fine character, and most of it is simply the shaping of the material into forms suitable for the purpose they have to fulfil; so, one might say, is the iron saucepan and the metal teapot produced to-day; but the early work happens to be both simple and beautiful, whereas the later is merely simple, common- place and vulgar. Take any one or the objects of metalwork of the interior at Weston-Patrick, in Hamp- shire (page 43). The copper pot with its iron handle, the wooden coffee mill, the copper saucepan or the simple fire-dogs—every one is beautifully shaped, with special atten- tion given to the purpose for which it is intended, and the demands of neces- sity and construction; such as the method of relieving the strain on the handle of the copper saucepan where it joins the side of the pan, or the dainty scroll at the end of the semi-circular handle that hooks through the eye attached to the copper pot, the shaping of the feet of the fire-dog, or again the single shaped rod of the interior (page 42), on which the curtain is drawn.


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