Old English Country Cottages (page 4/4)

[picture: Letter T from page 47]

Letter T from page 47

A decorative initial used as a drop cap (drop capital) at the start of a chapter. The letter features an open casement window with two birds sitting on the top and another flying [...] [more...]


[picture: Endpiece: well-pump with horse-trough]

Endpiece: well-pump with horse-trough

A woodcut showing a stone trough for drinking-water for animals such as horses, sheep, cattle. The iron pump is fastened to an upright wooden post. [more...]


[picture: Nether Alderly, Cheshire]

Nether Alderly, Cheshire

“To the great majority of the public, the study of architecture is generally of little interest, but these cottages of black-and-white, more especially those of Cheshire, have always found a place in [...] [more...]


[picture: Letter N from page 63]

Letter N from page 63

A decorative initial used as a drop cap (drop capital) at the start of a chapter. The letter features a candlestick with smoke.


[picture: Endpiece: Tree in a tub]

Endpiece: Tree in a tub

A mature tree is growing in a wooden planter held in shape with an iron ring. There’s an apple drawn on either side to tell us, if the shape of the tree did not, that it is an apple tree. [more...]


[picture: Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire.]

Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire.

From a water-colour by Wilfrid Ball, R.E. [more...]


[picture: Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire (Wide-screen background version)]

Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire (Wide-screen background version)

A version of Wilfrid Ball’s painting of a thatched house in the English village of Long Wittenham made to fit a wide-screen or high-definition screen, for use as a wallpaper or desktop background image. [more...]


[picture: Decorative element: overgrown well bucket]

Decorative element: overgrown well bucket

A woodcut of a well bucket with rope and overgrown winch, used at the end of a chapter. You could also see a letter “A” in it, so I have also marked it as a decorative initial A. [more...]


[picture: Well Bucket Ornament, Coloured]

Well Bucket Ornament, Coloured

A coloured version of the well-bucket typographic ornament that I made as an example. [more...]


[picture: Suckley, Worcestershire.]

Suckley, Worcestershire.

From a water-colour drawing by E. A. Chadwick. [more...]


[picture: Pershore, Worcestershire]

Pershore, Worcestershire

From a [painting] by Wilmot Pilsbury. A bucolic pastoral scene of half-timbered english country cottages, complete with a hay-rick and a cattle barn, and a string of washing. [more...]


[picture: Lustleigh, Devonshire.]

Lustleigh, Devonshire.

From an oil-painting by Grosvenor. [more...]


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