The Grammar of Heraldry (page 4/9)

[picture: Examples: Rev. Mr. Joseph Bokenham. Rector of Stoake Ash in the County of Norfolk; The Right worshipful Sir Nicholas Carew of Bedington in Surry, Baronet.]
[picture: Example: The Right Honourable William Temple, Lord Cobham]
[picture: Examples: The Right Hon. Charles Townshend, Visc. Townshend; The RIght Hon. Charles Spenser, Earl of Sunderland]
[picture: Examples: His Grace Thomas Hollis Pelham, D. of Newcastle; George, by the Grace of God, Kind of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, &c. Defender of the Faith, our only Rightful and Ever-Glorious Sovereign]
[picture: Handwritten notes; Examples: Abbehall of Gloucestershire; Abbington of Dowdeswel in Gloucestershire]
[picture: Ten examples: Abrahall of Herefordshire -- Amades of Plymouth]

Ten examples: Abrahall of Herefordshire – Amades of Plymouth

Coats of arms for the following:
Abrahall of Herefordshire;
Addison (now a Member of Parliament of Malmsbury);
Ainge of London;
Akelont of Gloucestershire;
Allen of Essex;
Allen of London;
Allesbury or Aylesbury;
Amades of Plymouth [more...]


[picture: Ambesace -- Arnold of Gloucestershire]

Ambesace – Arnold of Gloucestershire

Coats of arms (family crests) for the following:
Anderson of Scotland;
Andrews of Buckinghamshire;
Andrews of Harsfield in Gloucestershire;
The Rt. Hon. Arthur Annestey, E. of Anglesea;
Appleton of Essex;
Areskine of Scotland;
Arnold of Gloucestershire. [more...]


[picture: Arthur of Clopton -- Aston of Gloucestershire]

Arthur of Clopton – Aston of Gloucestershire

Coats of arms (family crests) for the following:
Arthur of Clopton in Somersetshire;
The Rt. Hon. Tho. Arundel L. Arundel of Wardour;
The Rt. Hon. John Arundel L. Arundel of Trerice;
The Bishoprick of St. Asaph;
Ascough of Lincolnshire;
The Rt. Hon. John Ashburnham Ld. Ashburnham;
Ashfield of Suffolk;
Ashmole of Staffordshire;
Aston of Cheshire;
Aston of Gloucestershire [more...]


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