The Scott Country (page 3/3)

[picture: Bemersyde House]

Bemersyde House

“This Bemerside Hill is a ‘Mount of vision’ from which all the chief shrines and high places of the Scott Country can be surveyed, at least with the mind’s eye. Abbortsford itself, if not in actual view, can be mapped into the scene by direction and position Out of sight, directly under the brow of the hill, is the ancient square fortalice, with later [...] king, and when Thomas the Rhymer was their neighbour and wellwisher, and uttered the prophecy that has so mightiliy helped its own fulfilment: [more...]


[picture: Melrose Abbey: Choir and North Transept]

Melrose Abbey: Choir and North Transept

“Melrose—“the light of the land, the abode of saints, the grave of monarchs” – is a glorious fragment, more beautiful, perhaps in detail than in general effect, in ornament than in design; and memorable even more for its legendary and literary [...] [more...]


[picture: Neidpath Castle]

Neidpath Castle

“A mile out of [Peebles], to the west, is Neidpath Castle, the most commandingly and romantically situated, and, in spite of the yawning gaps made in its walls by Cromwell’s cannon, the best-preserved—Traquair excepted—of the strongholds of the olden time on Tweed. The river is here constricted by the bare cairn-strewn ridge of Caidmuir—once Peebles Common—on the south, and by the Edston heights on [...] [more...]


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