The Antiquities of England and Wales Vol III (page 2/2)

[picture: Bookplate (ex libris) from Volume III]

Bookplate (ex libris) from Volume III

A bookplate (ex libris) from inside the front cover of Volume III of Grose’s Antiquities. People who collected books would often have these printed onto labels that they would paste inside the covers of the books in their library. This one shows the crest and Latin motto, dat deus incrememntum, which is, God giveth increase. The motto is not uncommon, but I found a Web site showing the same crest (in colour) and claiming it to be of the Ottley Family, here. the Royal College of St. Peter at Westminster (Westminster School) has the same motto but a different crest. The sideways-facing helmet at the top of [...]The Grammar of heraldry (Samuel Kent, 1718) [more...]


[picture: Bookplate (ex libris) from Volume III, colour version]

Bookplate (ex libris) from Volume III, colour version

This is a lower-resolution scan of the bookplage.


[picture: Antique map of Kent]

Antique map of Kent

This map of Kent was published in 1783; it shows, in the Lathe of Sutton, Woolwich, Greenwich, Eltham, Lewisham, Brownley, Dartford, S. Mary Cray, Dunton, Farmingham, Sevenoke [Sevenoak], Westerham. Sutton, Edenbridg [Edenbridge]; in the Lathe of Aylesford, Allhollowes, Cliff, Gravesend, Cowley, Halstow, Osterland Chatham, Meopham, Haling, Wortham, [...] [more...]


[picture: Leibourn Castle, Kent, Plate 1]

Leibourn Castle, Kent, Plate 1

Pub 10th Sept. 1784. by S. Hooper. R Godfrey Sc. [more...]


[picture: Ostenhanger House, Kent, Plate I]

Ostenhanger House, Kent, Plate I

Ostenhanger was merged with next-door Westenhanger Castle in 1509; today the manor is open for weddings but the part shown in this woodcut appears to be in ruins. [more...]


[picture: The Chapel of St. Pancras in St. Augustine's Monastery, Canterbury]

The Chapel of St. Pancras in St. Augustine’s Monastery, Canterbury

The ruins of this little oratory stand near the south-easternmost part of the Abbey-close. It is commonly supposed to be of great antiquity, but this opinion is controverted by [...] [more...]


[picture: The White Tower, or Tower of London]

The White Tower, or Tower of London

This tower was erected anno 1079, by William the Conqueror, as a keep to a fortress begun by him in the year 1067, to awe the citizens of london; the architect was Gundulph, bishop of Rochester. Fitz Stephens has falsely [...] [more...]


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