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Bookplate (ex libris) from Volume III

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A bookplate (ex libris) from inside the front cover of Volume III of Grose’s Antiquities. People who collected books would often have these printed onto labels that they would paste inside the covers of the books in their library. This one shows the crest and Latin motto, dat deus incrememntum, which is, God giveth increase. The motto is not uncommon, but I found a Web site showing the same crest (in colour) and claiming it to be of the Ottley Family, here. the Royal College of St. Peter at Westminster (Westminster School) has the same motto but a different crest. The sideways-facing helmet at the top of the escutcheon indicates an esquire, according to The Grammar of heraldry (Samuel Kent, 1718)


I have also scanned this plate in colour, but at 300dpi rather than 2400dpi used here. In both cases you can see the edges of the plate, and some of the marbled end-papers of the book.

colour book-plate scan



77 x 107mm (3.0 x 4.2 inches)

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2400 dots per inch



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