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Antique map of Kent

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This map of Kent was published in 1783; it shows, in the Lathe of Sutton, Woolwich, Greenwich, Eltham, Lewisham, Brownley, Dartford, S. Mary Cray, Dunton, Farmingham, Sevenoke [Sevenoak], Westerham. Sutton, Edenbridg [Edenbridge]; in the Lathe of Aylesford, Allhollowes, Cliff, Gravesend, Cowley, Halstow, Osterland Chatham, Meopham, Haling, Wortham, Crouch, West Malling, Tunbridg [Tunbridge], Padlings pounf, Lattingford St., Tunbridgewells [Tunbridge Wells], Linderadg, Rochester, Capston, Guildsted, Maidston, Leneham, Loose; in the Lathe of Scray, Newington, Milton, Sittingborn, Newnham, Feversham, Boughton, Shanford, Chilham, Charing, Wye, Ashford, Friginfastel, Smarden, Staplehurst, Goudhurst, Cranbrooke, Bidenden, Highstreet, Bromley Greene, Tenterden, Apledore, and The Rother [river]; in Sliepey Isle, Shireness, Quinborough; in the Lathe of St. Augustine, Whitstable, Reculver, Upstreet, S. Nicholas, Burchington, Thanet I., S Peters, Marget, Northforeland, Ramsgate, Great Cliffs, Canterbury, Harble down, Windham, Patrickshorn, Sandwich, Deale, Mongeham, Upper Deale, Walme, South foreland, Dover; in the Lathe of Shipway, Elcham, Aeryse, Folkeston, Sellinge, Hith, Flynne, Sandgate Castle, Rumney, Dungeness, Lid.

I do not have higher versions of this image, sorry; my copy of the book is missing the maps, and I bought this scan from eBay. I do have the original scan, before I sharpened it and played a little with the colours.


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