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[Picture: The Prince With the Golden Hand (hand-coloured version)]

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The Prince With the Golden Hand (hand-coloured version)

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As the prince gazed upon the splendid building the princess leaned out of one of the windows, and seeing him light shone from her sparkling eyes, her lovely hair floated in the wind, and the scent of her sweet breath filled the air. (p. 220)

The prince went through the palace till he came to a room bright as the sun itself, and the walls, floor, and ceiling of which consisted of mirrors. He was filled with wonder, for instead of one princess he saw twelve, all equally beautiful, with the same graceful movements and golden hair. But eleven were only reflections of the one real princess. She gave a cry of joy on seeing him... (p. 223)

The prince, a young man, climbs the staircase to get to the beautiful young woman, the lady princess, in her flowing dress or gown.

This version of the picture has been coloured by hand, including the flowers in the rather delicate border. The black-and-white original version (to the extent that I could restore it) and the delicate border of flowers and thorns are here as separate images.



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