Slavonic Fairy Tales (page 2/2)

[picture: The Prince With the Golden Hand (hand-coloured version)]

The Prince With the Golden Hand (hand-coloured version)

As the prince gazed upon the splendid building the princess leaned out of one of the windows, and seeing him light shone from her sparkling eyes, her lovely hair floated in the wind, and the scent of her sweet breath filled the air. (p. 220) [more...]


[picture: The Prince With the Golden Hand]

The Prince With the Golden Hand

A black-and-white version of The Prince With the Golden Hand; my copy of this picture from a fairy-tale was hand-cloured, presumably by some previous owner of the book. See that image page for a short extract from [...] [more...]


[picture: Border of flowers and thorns]

Border of flowers and thorns

The wild flowers around this border are probably cornflower (bachelor’s buttons) and aster, or daisy, and maybe marigolds. [more...]


[picture: Imperishable: Niezguinek and the Crawfish]

Imperishable: Niezguinek and the Crawfish

The young man Niezguinek, whose name means Imperishable, or, rather, will not die, stands barefoot on the beach talking to the Giant Lobster, or the King of the Crawfish. Strictly speaking, crawfish or crayfish live in fresh water, and lobsters in the sea; the story mentions the ocean, and I suspect the translator is using the terms lobster and crawfish interchangeably. In [...] [more...]


[picture: Decorative page border of lobsters and crayfish]

Decorative page border of lobsters and crayfish

This is the border from the picture of Niezguinek and the giant lobster, with lobsters, and crayfish (crawfish) scuttling about in the seaweed. It might make a good page surround for a restaurant menu! [more...]


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