The National and Domestic History of England (Vol 2) (page 5/5)

[picture: Sir Thomas More Reflects [detail, widescreen version]]

Sir Thomas More Reflects [detail, widescreen version]

A detail from the Portrait of Sir Thomas More suitable for use as a computer desktop background (“wallpaper”). This one is for screens in the 8:5 wide-screen aspect ratio; there is also a widescreen (8:5) version. [more...]


[picture: Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury]

Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury

Parker’s deliberation, prudence, learning, and his thorough knowledge of ecclesiastical affairs in general, and particularly of the state of the Church of England from the beginning of the Reformation, secured for him the confidence of Elizabeth’s great statesmen. Though naturally bashful, he was rough in his [...] has been regarded as the vigorous defender of what he believed to be the interests of the Church, and true to the cause of the hierarchy. (p. 634) [more...]


[picture: Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester]

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

Robert Dudley is here seen wearing what looks like a Scottish regimental beret; he has a beard and moustache, and wears a ceremonial chain, ruff and (presumably) robe. [more...]


[picture: Sir Christopher Hatton]

Sir Christopher Hatton

Sir Christopher Hatton is usually represented as the qeen’s lover, and as distinguished through life for his vanity, idleness, dissipation, and hypocrisy, and the best dancer of his age. Perhaps much of the popular odium attaching to Hatton is thte quizzical representation given [...] [more...]


[picture: Gresham's Royal Exhange]

Gresham’s Royal Exhange

The original building, shown in this engraving, was opened in 1571 but was destroyed in the Fire of London in 1666. [more...]


[picture: Costumes 1550--1580.]

Costumes 1550 – 1580.

A coloured print from 1878, showing how people dressed in the second half of the sixteenth century. From left to right we have: [more...]


[picture: Sixteenth-century noble couple]

Sixteenth-century noble couple

These two people represent nobility from the third quarter of the sixteenth century (1550 to 1580); they have hats in red and gold; ruffs around their necks; fur-lines gowns; red sleeves. They have slightly pinkish faces. The man has white [...] [more...]


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