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Sir Christopher Hatton

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Sir Christopher Hatton is usually represented as the qeen’s lover, and as distinguished through life for his vanity, idleness, dissipation, and hypocrisy, and the best dancer of his age. Perhaps much of the popular odium attaching to Hatton is thte quizzical representation given of him by the poet Gray, in the well-known lines,—

‘Full oft within the spacious walls,

When he had fifty winters o’er him,

My grave Lord Keeper led the brawls,

The Seal and Maces danc’d before him.

“His bushy beard and shoe-strings green,

His high crown’d hat and satin doublet,

Mov’d the stout heart of England’s queen,

Tho’ Pope and Spaniard could not trouble it.”

This poetical skit deals hard measure to Sir Christopher. Elizabeth was too good a judge

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