The Art of Illuminating As Practised in Europe from the Earliest Times (page 1/13)

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Title: The Art of Illuminating As Practised in Europe from the Earliest Times

Author: Tymms, W. R.

Date: 1860

Total items: 132

out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

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[picture: Border with corner, Item 17 from Plate 85]
[picture: Decorative initial letter D from fifteenth Century Nos. 4 and 5.]
[picture: Clip-art: calligraphic decorative initial capital letter Q from XIV. Century  No. 1]
[picture: Decorative uncial initial letter G from fifteenth Century Nos. 4 and 5.]
[picture: Fig. 1 from Ninth Century Borders No. 5.]

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Images scanned from The Art of Illuminating As Practised in Europe from the Earliest Times by W. R. Tymms, with an Essay and Instructions by M. D. Wyatt, Architect. London. Published April 2nd 1860 by Day and Son, Lithographers to the Queen.

There are 100 full colour plates in the book done in chromolithography, as well as a chromolithographed title page. I have only scanned a few because my scanner damages the binding. The text is by Matthew Digby Wyatt and the images appear to have been made by W. R. Tymms (and not Symms, as this page used to say).

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