Alphabets & Numbers of the Middle Ages (page 1/4)

Title: Alphabets & Numbers of the Middle Ages

Author: Shaw, Henry

City: London

Date: 1845

Total items: 33

out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

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[picture: ]
[picture: clipart: initial letter S from late 15th century printed book]
[picture: Green and Gold caligraphic/Uncial Capital G]
[picture: clipart: initial letter Z from beginning of the 16th Century]
[picture: clipart: initial letter J from beginning of the 16th Century]
[picture: clipart: initial letter Y from beginning of the 16th Century]

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Some images from Alphabets and Numbers of the Middle Ages by Henry Shaw, 1845. I have a fac simile of this out-of-copyright work, and the fac simile is itself out of copyright.

This book is also online (with a much lower-quality scan) at Google Books; if you see a page you would like me to scan from my fac simile copy, let me know. Unfortunately, the colour printing in the fac simile uses the four-colour screening process, so I cannot provide high-resolution scans for some of the colour images, although they will be fine for Web or print use in most cases.

See also Symms on Illuminating for some beautiful colour decorative initials, and Delamotte on Alphabets for some beautiful alphabets.

Note: If you got here from a search engine and don’t see what you were looking for, it might have moved onto a different page within this gallery.

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