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abbeys: The church and other buildings of a monastery or convent

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Ruins of Lindisfarne Priory
Reading Abbey (Background 1)
Reading Abbey (Background 2)
Reading Abbey (Background 3)
Reading Abbey (Coloured version)
Reading Abbey (Background 4)
Reading Abbey, Plate 1
Jedburgh Abbey
Reading Abbey, Berkshire.
Reading Abbey Plate 2
Arches of Cloister of S. Aubin’s Abbey, Angers
210.—Edward the Confessor’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey,—now used as the Pix office.
Holyrood Palace From the Public Gardens Under Calton Hill
389.—Ruins of reading Abbey in 1721.
Kelso: The River Tweed and Abbey Ruins
Remains of Valle Crucis Abbey
569.—Staircase in the Conventual Buildings, Canterbury
Ramsey Abbey in Huntingdonshire
700.—Byland Abbey, Yorkshire.
703.—Walsingham Abbey, Norfolk.
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